DUI Charges Dropped Against Model Stephanie Seymour

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In January 2016, former Sports Illustrated and Victoria Secret model Stephanie Seymour was involved in a two-vehicle accident, off Exit 5 on the Connecticut Turnpike. While stopped at a stop sign, a 2008 Mercury pulled up behind Seymour's 2015 Range Rover. Seymour mistakenly put her gear in reverse instead of drive and backed into the vehicle behind her, according to the police incident report. Neither driver was injured and police eventually arrived at the scene.

Seymour allegedly refused to undergo field sobriety tests. She was ticketed for unsafe backing and arrested for driving under the influence. DUI was not the sole impetus of arrest; Seymour was also arrested for evading responsibility, after causing a hit and run accident earlier that same night. She had allegedly failed to maintain her lane, causing the accident.

Over a year since the incident, charges against Seymour have been dismissed. The case was handled by the state Superior Court in Stamford. Her attorney, Phillip Russel, spoke on his client's behalf at the court hearing. “She got through the program successfully," he said, adding "She is grateful for the opportunity to be treated as a first-time offender and she was grateful for the dismissal,” he said. “She hopes other people can learn from the publicity that this unfortunate event has brought to her.” He emphasized that she received no special treatment.

The dismissal came after Seymour successfully completed a court-approved probation program which included alcohol abuse treatment, AA meetings, and meeting with the victims of drunk driving accidents. The program was one year long; following its completion, the DUI charge was erased from her record.

Seymour's case highlights the potential of creative sentencing options that offer an alternative to jail time. Rather than imposing incarceration on people like Seymour, first-time offenders who have no prior run-ins with the law, probation programs take a more holistic approach addressing the root of the problem, such as the individual's relationship with alcohol.

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