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Are You Facing Criminal Charges Involving DUI and Marijuana?

There are serious penalties for those who are caught driving and are in possession of marijuana.  Even if you are not driving a vehicle, you may lose your driver's license although it has yet to be proven that marijuana causes a serious problem with drivers.  If you have been arrested for DUI with marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia, or have had your license suspended due to a marijuana possession charge, it is critical to act quickly.  Your license will not automatically be returned to you over time.  You will be required to attend one of the approved “risk reduction” programs for drug users and possibly other requirements before you can have your license back.  If you are facing this situation, contact a Cherokee County DUI lawyer that has a history of success in marijuana possession cases.

DUI and Suspended License Cases Involving Marijuana

When you are facing a charge related to DUI and marijuana or have lost your license due to a possession of marijuana charge, the legal team at the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson can help.  The firm is highly experienced in assisting clients who are dealing with this legal problem and will be able to immediately get to work on protecting you and fighting for your right to a driver's license.   The legal team has helped countless individuals in this position in Woodstock and other areas of Cherokee County and is prepared to fight for you. 

The evidence and arrest procedure aspects of the case must be investigated, as it is possible your rights regarding search and seizure were violated.  As each case has unique circumstances and evidence, it is necessary to review the details without delay as the law moves quickly in these cases and what actions you take now can determine your future.  The legal team at the firm will aggressively seek out the flaws in the case against you and will exploit them to seek a better outcome in your case.

Contact a Cherokee County Marijuana Defense Lawyer from the firm immediately if you are facing a legal problem regarding marijuana possession.

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