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Violation of Probation in DUI Offenses

The restrictions imposed upon you while you are on probation can include the payment of fines, community service, risk reduction alcohol programs, a clinical evaluation, and others depending upon the severity of the incident.  If you fail to adhere to the requirements of the probation, you will be charged with a probation violation and will most likely be put in jail awaiting a hearing.  In some cases, the individual becomes aware that there is a problem prior to getting put in jail.  In either case, it is urgent that you contact a Cherokee County lawyer at once before the situation becomes dire.

Probation Violation Lawyer in Canton, Woodstock, Holly Springs and Cherokee County

A probation violation is a serious matter as the judge involved may not take kindly to those who have had the advantage of a probation sentence and then fail to show respect to the court.  Some judges may impose the full sentence in jail that you would have gotten prior to going on probation.  Others may be more lenient, and anyone in the court system is aware of the differences from judge to judge on this subject. Efforts will mostly be made to punish you if you violate DUI probation, particularly if you are found to be driving under the influence again. 

Fast action is required to fight to get the situation sorted out quickly.  At the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, the legal team has long experience in dealing with this threat and need to review the case immediately.  This is a situation that requires immediate action.  Some individuals do not realize how important completing the risk reduction class is, or paying the fine on time.  Even failing to do these actions in a timely manner can result in a violation of probation. 

Contact a Cherokee County Probation Violation Attorney today if you have recently been charged with a violation of your probation.

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