Roadside Checkpoints in Cherokee County

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Arrested for a DUI at a Roadside Checkpoint?

Georgia law allows for roadside sobriety checkpoints to take place from time to time in Woodstock and other areas of Cherokee County.  For example, law enforcement must announce where the checkpoint is taking place and must follow certain guidelines.  Once you are pulled over, you will be asked for driver's license and registration.  If you are asked “have you been drinking?,” you are not required to answer the question.  You are required to provide your legal documentation.  You will likely be asked to perform three  field sobriety tests if the officer suspects you are under the influence based on how you act, whether the car smells like alcohol and whether your speech is “slurred.”  All of these extremely subjective evidence gathering techniques are often challenged in court by an experienced Cherokee County DUI lawyer.

DUI Defense Lawyer Serving Cherokee County

Any DUI charge is a serious legal matter and if you are convicted you could possibly be spending time in jail.  When the arrest took place during a roadside checkpoint, there are often strong defense options that can be immediately implemented by the legal team at the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson.  As field sobriety testing is so subjective in the results based solely on the observation of the officers at hand, they can be tainted by the belief that you are drunk driving.  They also may be incorrectly administered as there are specific requirements for the testing that have been found to have been seriously violated during the testing itself.

Each case must be reviewed individually to determine the flaws in the case and how to move forward with a strong defense.  The legal team at the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson is very familiar with roadside checkpoint DUI arrests and is prepared to aggressively defend clients who are facing any DUI charge that came about through a random traffic stop.

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