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Officers in patrol cars are on the lookout for infractions and indications that a driver may be impaired. Many drivers, when pulled over by a law enforcement officer, don't realize that law enforcement now has the capacity to check a driver's driving record for prior convictions on the spot. If the officer finds out that this driver has prior DUI convictions this can affect the officer's decision to begin a DUI investigation even if there is no discernible smell of alcohol or other evidence. It is impossible to say how much the officer's attitude and conclusions could be affected by knowing that this driver has already been convicted of a 1st or 2nd DUI . Some people after being arrested for a 3rd DUI lose heart and feel there is no point in fighting. Without seeking legal advice, they decide to plead guilty and take the punishment. By consulting an experienced Cherokee County DUI attorney, you may be surprised to find out that there are a number of DUI defense strategies which could be effective in your case.

3rd DUI Charge in Cherokee County

Being subjected to a field sobriety test at a roadside checkpoint, or after a traffic stop, and then arrested can is an embarrassing experience - and dangerous legally. If a vehicle search turns up prescription medications or an illegal controlled substance you may face a prescription drug DUI or drug DUI charge. Any DUI charge is serious. A 3rd DUI conviction results in mandatory jail time, a jail sentence of up to one year, probation, community service, fines up to $5,000 and other serious consequences. Thankfully you have legal rights, one of which is the right to an attorney. Choose the right law firm.

After an arrest you need to hire a DUI lawyer who understands the DUI process, and has the years of experience required to evaluate your legal situation. We can immediately begin to craft a defense for your case. The officer can make an arrest based solely on his or her judgment. An effective defense must be based on hard scientific facts and the law. In the 20+ years that Richard S. Lawson has been practicing law, and with his experience as a former DUI prosecutor, he understands what it takes to build a strategy which will increase the possibility of a favorable outcome. Working with a skilled and experienced legal team offers more chance of avoiding conviction. A DUI defense lawyer at our firm is prepared to work with you to help you fight back.

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