Cherokee County Deputy Arrested For DUI

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Cherokee Sheriff's Office deputy Jonathan Nuzzo, 42, was arrested for driving under the influence in Ball Ground, GA on June 30. Nuzzo was charged with one count of DUI by the Ball Ground Police Department. He was not on duty at the time of the incident. According to Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Sgt. Marianne Kelley, Nuzzo has been with the agency for 8 years. Bond was set at $1,318 and posted the same afternoon of the arrest. Nuzzo was swiftly placed on paid administrative leave while an internal investigation was pending. Initially few details were known about the nature of the arrest. Approximately a week after the arrest an incident report was released. Shortly before, Nuzzo resigned from the agency on July 6.

At approximately 1:30, a patrolling officer spotted Nuzzo's blue Prius on the side of Canton Highway near Mineral Springs Rd, parked in such a way that it blocked half of the southbound lane. The officer approached Nuzzo in the vehicle who told him he'd run out of gas. Nuzzo informed the officer that he himself was an off-duty officer and that “everything was okay,” according to the incident report. However, the officer noticed that Nuzzo was slurring his words and generally unsteady on his feet. A strong odor of alcohol emanated from him. There was a passenger in the vehicle. Nuzzo could not provide a driver's license but did have a copy of his registration to verify ownership of the vehicle. At one point Nuzzo got out the vehicle, leaving the door open as traffic passed on the left side. He was ordered to return inside the vehicle and complied. He offered his sheriff's badge and Cherokee County ID.

Nuzzo allegedly denied that he had been drinking. After a sergeant arrived on the scene, he was asked to submit to a breathalyzer test and complied. Although the test yielded a positive result, the officers decided not to perform field sobriety tests due to weather and road conditions.

When asked why he'd been drinking, Nuzzo said he had been visiting a friend from out of town, to which the officer told him he needed to be setting a good example as a peace officer. The friend he'd visited was the passenger, who told officers he didn't think Nuzzo was “that intoxicated”

A DUI can have far-reaching effects on a person's life, least of all on their job. Years of work put into one's career may be jeopardized with a single DUI incident. Fear, uncertainty, and confusion can all accompany this charge and many don't know where to begin. If you have been charged with driving under the influence in Cherokee County, contact an experienced aggressive DUI attorney to fight for your rights in the courtroom. Cherokee County DUI attorney Richard Lawson has over 20 years experience handling Georgia DUI charges. Do not hesitate to contact Richard Lawson for a free consultation.

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