Charged With DUI Over Super Bowl Weekend? Here Are The Two Things You Need To Know

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Super Bowl weekend means gathering around the television, gorging on fried food, and usually cracking open a beer or two. Jerseys, foam fingers, drinking with pals: it all amounts to tradition. Suffice it to say, the public's collective spike in blood alcohol content puts police officers on edge about people's ability to drive safely. Unbeknownst to many, Super Bowl weekend is actually a time of heightened DUI patrols all over the country, including patrols for the GSP.

Countless local news outlets announce the increase of patrols in advance, but this does little by way of deterrence. People will generally not be searching for DUI statistics of any kind prior to being charged with one. The fervent Google searches will happen after you are charged with DUI over Super Bowl weekend. If we can count you in this boat, it's more possible that you didn't know that the cops would be on high alert and that buzz you had when you left the Super Bowl party would land you in trouble with the law.

Whether you were pulled over by a trooper or cited at a checkpoint, here is what you need to know about being charged with a DUI in Georgia after the Super Bowl, and why you need an attorney.

You Have 30 Days to Stop your License from Being Suspended

There is a process entirely separate from the court proceedings known as Administrative License Suspension (ALS). This is the process by which the state automatically suspends your license after a DUI charge. You can, however, take measures to prevent this from happening. The state allows you to appeal the suspension. But you must do so within 30 short days of your arrest. Any attempt to file an appeal after the 30-day period will be categorically denied, so you cannot wait. After you file an appeal, a License Suspension hearing will be scheduled. This is why it is important you quickly hire a Cherokee County DUI attorney to file the appeal on your behalf and represent you.

The DUI attorney has the necessary knowledge of Georgia traffic and DUI law to present a credible and compelling defense, strongly increasing the odds of to keep your driver's license.

The Charge Can Be Fought if You Hire the Right DUI Defense Attorney

DUIs are serious. A conviction on your record can be incredibly stigmatizing, tarnishing your image for potential employers, landlords, educational institutions and anyone who needs to review your background. You have the option of bowing your head to the charge, taking a plea deal, stamping your record with this conviction and dealing with the consequences for the rest of your life. Bear in mind in Georgia, a DUI cannot be expunged or sealed - period. You cannot accept a conviction and try to scrub it from your record later.

This is why a Cherokee County DUI lawyer is indispensable. There are countless ways a skilled attorney can poke holes in the state's case against you. They will take a hard look at the circumstances of your arrest, scrutinize your charges and mount a defense. An attorney will also ensure you are aware of all your rights and meticulously ensure that the court does not infringe them. Now that you have been charged, you are at a critical moment. Do not wait to hire your Cherokee County DUI attorney - contact us now or call for a free consultation.

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