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Woodstock, GA DUI law enforcment officers take a tough stance on DUI, rarely giving anyone the benefit of the doubt. If they pull over a motorist and smell alcohol, they will likely ask the driver to submit to DUI field sobriety tests. The Woodstock DUI officer will then usually ask the driver to submit to a breathalyzer if the officer is not satisfied with the drivers performance on the field sobriety evaluations. Sometimes the driver passes the breath test, but the DUI officer still feels that the driver is under the influence. Drugs, of both the legal and illegal variety, can also result in DUI arrests and convictions in Woodstock.

Of course, it is illegal to possess or take drugs like cocaine, marijuana or meth. Driving while under their influence will likely lead to felony counts of possession as well as a DUI charge. Blood tests requested by an arresting Woodstock DUI officer can show these drugs. More and more, people are suspected and arrested for DUI for having their legal prescription drugs, as well as over the counter drugs, in their systems. Pain killers, sleeping aids like Ambien, and even cold medicine can lead to a DUI arrest in Woodstock, GA.

If you are facing a DUI charge in Woodstock or greater Cherokee County, call Woodstock DUI lawyer Richard Lawson to discuss how he can help you get the best possible outcome in your DUI case. Mr. Lawson has fought and won Cherokee DUI jury trials and has negotiated many successful plea bargains in Woodstock City Court and the State Court of Cherokee County. His aggressive defense firm handles DUI - only cases.

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