Cherokee Co. Child Endangerment DUI

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In most instance, a first DUI offense is a misdemeanor offense. However, a first DUI offense can be a felony if there are minor children under age 14 in the vehicle. While a misdemeanor drunk driving offense has harsh penalties, a felony driving under the influence conviction will make the person just that - a convicted felon. This has consequences for a person's work, school, civic, and personal life.

If you are charged with a Cherokee Co. DUI and there was a child or children in the car, you will be charged with the second DUI crime of DUI - child endangerment. This is an additional DUI charge because the offense of driving under the influence and driving under the influence while endangering a child are not the same under Georgia law.

A person will be charged with an additional count of DUI - child endangerment for each extra child in the car. For example, if someone gets pulled over for drunk driving and has three children in the car, this will count as four DUI‘s. These charges are very serious and often result in Habitual Violator and felony status.

If you are charged with DUI - child endangerment contact Cherokee Co. DUI lawyer, Richard Lawson, as soon as possible for a consultation as these charges can be challenged and won.

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