Cherokee County DUI Breath Tests

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DUI prosecuting lawyers in Cherokee County are brutal on those they have charged with DUI offenses. They are generally unwilling to negotiate charges to reckless driving offenses (even when the evidence does not support a DUI). They also rely blindly on DUI breath tests. Most Cherokee County DUI officers choose to give a breath test (as opposed to a blood or urine test) to drivers they accuse of DUI. Georgia uses a breathalyzer called the Intox5000 for the breath tests. Strangely, little is really known about these machines. The programming that the machines utilize is private and secret information, not revealed to Defendants and their attorneys or even to jurors hearing the case. But it does seem that these tests are far from accurate. We do know that the technology upon which these breath tests rely if very old - from the 70s. Cherokee County and the greater state of Georgia use machines for DUI breath testing that is older than just about anywhere else in the country. No one uses a computer from the 1970s, but Cherokee County prosecuting attorneys seem to think that this is okay for use in a DUI case.

If you or a loved one is facing a DUI charge in Cherokee County, call experienced DUI attorney Richard Lawson for a free case analysis. Richard is tough on DUI and knows how to attack the Cherokee Co. prosecutors office's use of the breath test results. Just because you blew over a .08 does not mean that the test will come into evidence or that it is accurate. Richard and his team of DUI lawyers get clients great results by fighting these cases. Give us a call today to find out how we can get you the best results for your DUI case. The consultation is free and confidential.

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