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Cherokee County and City of Woodstock, GA police officers maintain task forces with officers trained in DUI detection and procedure. During the holiday season especailly, these officers are on patrol and looking for reasons to stop Cherokee area drivers.

A Cherokee or Woodstock DUI officer cannot just stop your car for no reason. There are really only 3 different type circumstances in which a Cherokee County DUI officer may lawfully stop your vehicle:

1 - some type of traffic offense - this can be anything ranging from weaving or speeding to running a red light to a window tint or headlight violation

2 - if there is a roadblock and all vehicle are being stopped. DUI checkpoints and roadblocks need to follow certain procedures to be legal. If you were arrested following a stop at a roadbloack, you should contact a Cherokee DUI lawyer right away to discuss your options.

3 - if you were involved in an accident. Technically, this is not really a lawful stop of your vehicle, but many DUI arrests stem from when an officer responds to an accident and then begins to suspect one or both of the drivers of DUI. This is a problematic situation as recent trauma from the accident can mimic some of the effects of intoxication. For example, unsteadiness on your feet can be a symptom of intoxication or of trauma and nerves following a wreck.

If you are just driving and not committing a traffic offense, a Cherokee or Woodstick DUI officer has no basis to stop you. Any evidence collected or ascertained after an illegal stop cannot be used against you in a criminal case.

If you have been arrested for a DUI or DUI related offense in Cherokee County GA or the City of Woodstock, call Cherokee DUI lawyer Richard Lawson and his legal team to discuss how to get the best results.

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