Woodstock Georgia DUI Stops and Arrests

DUI cases in and around the Woodstock, GA area typically begin when a driver is pulled over by a Woodstock or Cherokee Co. police officer for a burnt out headlight or some other type of traffic offense. A DUI arrest can also begin when a person is stopped by officers at a DUI road block.

After the car is stopped, the Woodstock officer begins his or her interrogation of the driver. This usually consists of the officer asking the person what why they smell of alcohol, what they had to drink, and where they are going. The officer is basically asking the driver to make incriminating statements. The officer next asks the driver to submit to field sobriety and chemical testing that can later be used against the driver at hearings and their trial. Such tests are often administered incorrectly and many have no scientific basis. The Woodstock or Cherokee County officers also want drivers to take breath tests, but they have to follow certain procedures to do this such as reading the implied consent warning. The breathalyzer and intox 500 are unreliable and not properly calibrated in many instances Nevertheless, they are utilized by Canton solicitors to charge and contact people of DUI.

An experienced Woodstock DUI attorney can poke holes in the state’s case and impeach the officer’s credibility. Attorney Richard S. Lawson and his associating lawyers know the proper standards for the administration of DUI field and breath tests. Contact Mr. Lawson today for a free consultation. Your license may depend upon it!